BioHive to launch HealthTech Hub Chapter to empower medical innovation and disrupt healthcare

BioHive to launch HealthTech Hub Chapter to Empower Medical Innovation and Disrupt Healthcare

Salt Lake City, Utah, March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BioHive, a nonprofit public-private partnership dedicated to enhancing Utah’s life science and healthcare innovation ecosystem, will launch HealthTech Hub, a new BioHive chapter that empowers the state’s science and technology communities to help improve medical innovation and disrupt healthcare. The group will convene to explore innovative topics, provide thought leadership, and create opportunities for collaboration and sector crossover.

“Technology is transforming and improving patient care. We are grateful to provide a space for technology and health innovators to come together and create pathways to innovate and impact the future of healthcare,” said Aimee Edwards, Executive Director of BioHive. “Utah’s life sciences industry encompasses more than 180,000 direct and indirect employees, scientists and non-scientists alike, that support and grow our diverse ecosystem.”

The goal of the HealthTech Hub chapter, formerly BioBytes, is to catalyze precision medicine innovation and disrupt the healthcare system, resulting in personalized preventative care, more effective treatments, improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare disparities.

“The foundation of this chapter began with my friend and colleague Steffanie VanderVeen to cross industry boundaries. I wanted to build a community that intersects cutting-edge healthcare, technology and data analytic to solve problems and learn about available technologies,” said Martyna Shallenberg, co-founder of the HealthTech Hub. “I am excited to expand this BioHive community and create opportunities statewide.”

BioHive formally kicked off the chapter at a launch event on March 13, 2024, at 5:30 p.m. at INDUSTRY SLC (650 s 500 w, Salt Lake City). Attendees heard from Dr. Kevin R. Haas, Chief Technology Officer of Myriad Genetics, Martyna Shallenberg and Steffanie VanderVeen, HealthTech Hub Co-Founders, and Aimee Edwards, Executive Director, BioHive. The launch event was sponsored by Myriad Genetics.

About BioHive
BioHive is a thriving collective of more than 1,600 companies representing the life science and healthcare innovation ecosystem of Utah’s economy. Established in 2021, BioHive is a public-private partnership to brand, build and bring together Utah’s life science and healthcare innovation ecosystem. BioHive seeks to connect, unite and support the industry and broader ecosystem with a focus on serving our community. BioHive includes researchers, developers, and manufacturers of therapeutics, devices, and diagnostics, as well as laboratory facilities, healthcare delivery systems, digital health, health IT, and supply-chain businesses that support these industries. Utah has been one of America’s fastest-growing life science communities since 2012, employing more than 182,000 people directly and indirectly. BioHive is leading the way with crucial innovations that boost our state’s economy and help patients around the globe.