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Building Utah's Life Sciences Ecosystem

BioHive is a non-profit, public-private partnership that harnesses the power of the community to advance impact-driven solutions for the good of Utah’s life sciences and health innovation industry.

Utah by the Numbers

Life sciences and health innovation companies in the state of Utah

Industry Overview

Robust, active, and growing industry across Utah

Research, Testing, and Medical Labs
Biosciences Related Distribution
Medical Devices an Diagnostics
Therapeutics and Pharmaceuticals

Fastest Growing

Utah ranked among the fastest-growing life sciences industries in the nation in 2022

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Statewide Impact

Utah is one of the fastest-growing states for jobs in life sciences and health innovation. BioHive convenes industry and community partners to accelerate the pace of discovery and development.

We create an inclusive environment where various perspectives contribute to meaningful and impactful progress, while helping to attract and maintain talent and new companies. 

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The BioHive Mission

BioHive is dedicated to serving as Utah’s great convener for companies and organizations committed to bringing life-saving innovations to patients across the globe. We seek to brand, build, and bring together the industry and broader ecosystem with a focus on serving our community.

Our Pillars


BioHive is the united voice to define and differentiate Utah’s life sciences and healthcare innovation ecosystem. We are commitment to showcasing our state as the hub for life sciences. By promoting the achievements and innovators in this field, we attract top talent, investment and foster collaboration within our state and beyond. 


Empowering the next generation from students to industry. BioHive strives to attract top talent and investment to the life science and healthcare innovation industry in order to drive progress and positive change. We bring together leaders in our community to collaborate and exchange ideas, nurturing innovation and fostering growth. By facilitating partnerships and providing resources to support new ideas and workforce development, we aim to create an ecosystem where innovation can thrive and contribute to improving healthcare outcomes.


BioHive convenes the people in the life sciences ecosystem to create a greater impact in our communities. We connect industry talent with underserved communities, serving as a missing link and a convener to the places in which we live and work. Volunteerism is a top priority for us as we work to build a thriving ecosystem. At BioHive, we strive to create a safe and inclusive space for underrepresented populations to share their perspectives and feel a sense of belonging.

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Jared Bauer Headshot

Jared Bauer

“BioHive’s goals of championing our industry through recruitment, fostering diversity, workforce development and promoting industry accomplishments will continue to make crucial innovations that boost our state’s economy and help patients around the globe”
Cindy Dunkle Headshot

Cindy Dunkle

Our dedication to branding, building, and bringing together BioHive over the last few years is remarkable. I am proud of BioHive’s commitment to Utah’s life sciences community, and I am excited to support our community


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