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We brand, build and bring together Utah’s life sciences community

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BioHive is a 501c3 non-profit public-private partnership that harnesses the power of community to advance impact-driven solutions for the good of Utah’s life sciences and health innovation industry.

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BioHive is dedicated to serving as Utah’s great convener when it comes to the companies and organizations committed to bringing life-saving innovations to patients across the globe.

BioHive’s objectives include:
– Raising awareness about the industry and ecosystem
– Attracting top talent and investments
– Engaging with future STEM innovators
– Serving underserved communities in Utah for a more prosperous future

BioHive works closely with BioUtah to foster community, progress, innovation and transparency as the trusted source for the life science community.

Together with our outreach partners, we’re empowering women to take control of their health by educating them about their body and providing important breast cancer resources. Including In-person training sessions, Materials provided at events, Online training modules.
Our support group creates a safe space for healthy dialogue between patients & survivors. Caridad hosts a monthly support group where our support group facilitator works with cancer survivors during “caring and sharing” time to encourage healthy dialogue and education for everyone involved. Having the support of others is an important part of breast cancer survivorship. Research shows that taking part in support groups, where you both give and receive help, is an effective way to reduce the stress and anxiety that can come with a breast cancer diagnosis.

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