The mission of the BioHive Student Chapter at the University of Utah is to provide a community for biotech and health tech students at the U that promotes networking, professional development, and outreach.

The chapter strives to create a supportive environment where students can connect with industry professionals and peers, gain valuable skills and knowledge through workshops and events, and engage in meaningful outreach projects that contribute to the betterment of STEM in Utah.

Through collaboration and innovation, the chapter aims to cultivate the next generation of leaders in biotech and health tech who are dedicated to advancing the field and improving global health.

The club will achieve its mission through the following activities and initiatives:


Organizing industry talks and networking events that connect students with
professionals from various biotech and health tech companies.

Facilitating mentorship programs that pair students with experienced professionals in
the field.

Creating opportunities for students to connect with peers through social events and
online forums.

Professional Development

Offering workshops and seminars on a variety of relevant topics, such as clinical
research and entrepreneurship.

Providing resources and support for students interested in pursuing internships, job
opportunities, or further education in the field.

Encouraging participation in events that promote innovation and problem-solving skills.


Partnering with local organizations and schools to provide education and resources on
health and biotech-related topics.

Advocating for policies that support the advancement of biotech and health tech, and
raising awareness about the importance of these fields in improving health outcomes.

Chapter Leadership

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